16 €

Thin pastry of caramelized apples and almonds
with Timut peper sorbet
(Timut: Nepal peper)

Dark chocolate ball with pear
chocolate crumble, ganache and sorbet

Warm "pure Caribbean" dark chocolate cake
with almond flavoured, vanilla cream,
grilled hazel-nut and vanilla ice cream

« Cristalline de sucre à l’ananas »
whipped lemon cream, pineapple,
sorbet pineapple and «Breton» biscuits peaces

Chocolate cake “Grand cru Guanaja”,
chocolate mousse, praline, milk cream
and caramel ice cream

Coconut and passion fruit vacherin
served with whipped cream and passion fruit sauce

Hot soufflé with Grand Marnier liqueur,
topped by a orange liqueur-flavored and orange sorbet
(mini 2 pers)

Hot soufflé flavor with cherry and kirsh
accompanied by cherry sherbet
(mini 2 pers)

We can propose to you a glace of wine dessert

Please, you have to ordered your dessert
at the beginning of your meal thank you