The Menus

The Starters

Carpaccio of fresh Scallops with hazel-nut oil,
pine kernel and salad - 38 €

Duck foie gras in a very light stew with mushrooms,
and balsamic vinegar with Burgundy Blackcurrant liquor - 38 €

Burgundy Snails in pastry with garlic and persil creamy stew
accompanied with carrot and zucchini - 35 €

The classic twelve large Burgundy snails served in their shells,
with a parsley butter sauce - 35 €

Duck foie gras from Southwestern France
with a glazed House pâté - 36 €

Seafood and Shellfish

Lobster served with saffron creamy sauce,
shellfish and spicy vegetables - 39 €

Roasted wild turbot cooked with citrus and pepper,
green vegetables, served in a very light shellfish creamy stew - 39 €

Pike and black mushroom dumplings,
served in a thick lobster sauce with fresh spinach - 34 €

"Ravioles" with crayfish
and "pistou" served with zucchini,
and creamy crayfish stew - 36 €

Meats and Poultry

Two Farm - fresh “Bresse” chicken pieces,
a chicken legin a creamy morel
and roasted chicken breast
accompanied with risotto - 42 €

Pan-fried fillet of Charolais beef prepared with foie gras
and burgundy sauce with tfresh vegetables and mushrooms - 43€

Veal filet, mushroom cream, green asparagus
and smoked salted pork emulsion - 42 €

Cheese - 10 €

Meat and poultry are « Origine France »
Preparation of the dishes proposed above is subject to availability of fresh produce and cannot always be guaranteed.